Are Afformations more useful than Affirmations?

So … Affirmations and Positive Thinking don’t work for you ?! I believe you …

AfformationsA number of personal development gurus teach to do affirmations, but for many people it doesn’t work due to a certain “wrong” feeling inside, a feeling like lying to ones self and even so called incantations feel wonderful at the moment they are stated, but they can not dissolve programmed mess inside.

If you are into personal development for a while you know and you are aware that we are all programmed in a certain way – even unintended. It takes lot’s of time and efforts to work on that, to re-program ones self. The tricky thing is that most people are not aware of their programming or in more detail are not aware of their programs. The latter is also valid for those who know that they are programmed and need to do something about it, but they just did not identify certain patterns and programs.

The Unseen Creation Factor

The actual tricky thing is: if you create


What does that actually mean?

When you create, you do this in your very own energy with your own capacities – overall.
OVERALL … including your intentions, creation energy, but also all your fears, doubts, inner blocks and patterns which don’t serve you – even if those are just subtil, hidden or suppressed.

Your fears, doubts and all thoughts around it – married with your focus and energy are part of every of your creations and activities – from goal setting to (non-)achievement.

In addition to your already present and active patterns and programs common media add to this every day, increasing confusion and desorientation. Meanwhile it really takes a certain self discipline and efforts to keep ones mind and brain together.

Of course, you can start to detangle blocks in your mind, it’s useful to do anyway, but there is something else …
In the personal development scene people start to take control over their brains and minds, but a very few of them do it successfully and know “the tricks” and the “Do’s and Don’ts”

Afformations offer solutions

As some of you know I am into hypnosis for a while now. This touches the unpleasant side of mind control being manipulated as well as possibilities for self control. Most of the ‘mind science’ stuff which is being sold in the personal development industry is more or less based on self hypnosis. Even listening to affirmations is, but most brains and minds finally refuse affirmations. They do it because lots of affirmations do not fit the believe system of the person practicing, that’s why the unconscious does’nt let it really in and so it doesn’t work.

Afformations work different: They get the unconscious working und lead to solutions :-) They are something to think about and our mind loves to think. Furthermore the mind more or less will automatically start to produce solutions and will get you going.

So how does it work? Instead of stating an affirmation like “I am super rich.” you ask yourself “Why am I super rich?”. You put that what you want to achieve into a question and you ask yourself that question again and again – from time to time. Solutions might not come instantly, but your whole behavior will be guided into directions that serve your wish in a better way than before, e.g. if your question is “Why am I super rich?” one of the “inner answers” might be “Not because you’re sitting in front of a TV right now.” Later on your thoughts might be “I worked concentrated on project A and B for 2 months and that was the point I actually started to make it all happen.”

Try it!

You can’t go wrong. If you landed here on that article you might have tried several techniques already, because you are an aware being. Experiment and see what it does with you and for you. Here some examples, you will do your very own – depending on what you need and want.

Affirmation   … form into >>>>> Afformation
I am healthy and full of energy. Why am I healthy and full of energy?
I am successful and earn more than $200.000 Why am I successful and earn more than $200.000
I have wonderful friends who trust and support me. Why do I have friends who trust and support me?

Try it and get yourself going – into the direction YOU want, not the system and the industries …

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms. You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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