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Authenticity (Please!)

AuthenticitySome days ago a so called Facebook friend came with a problem on his wall. It seemed quite serious to him and he wanted to know other people’s opinions on that. So I took the time and responded in detail – offering some other points of view and suggesting him to be the best he just can be (giving him or his issue my time and energy doing this). Later on he was just bringing it down to that he wanted to teach something to „his followers“ (I had never seen me like this) and went on in a quite in-mature way, but overall it was something like an un-welcome boomerang hitting himself (he called it shit storm, but people were just trying to help him and he didn’t even notice).  

This example is not a very nice one, I know and I don’t want to bring bad vibrations with me writing that BUT the world is just like this, we need to be prepared and we need to deal with it.

What made me upset was that Mr. X
just made something up trying to position himself
stole other people’s time and energy (those who were responding willingly)
pushed those people helping him down by telling them he teaches something (and seemed not even understood the responses or could not deal with those).

Of course, this all is not dramatic, but he tried to ride on other people’s backs just to put himself into a recognized position (which didn’t work). Overall – just un-mature behavior of an adult man.

„Treat other’s as you want to be treated“

This is one of the major principles which already proclaimed by the old philosopher Immanuel Kant. Isn’t that a good one to live with?
Nothing can go wrong with that:

  • no personal talk
  • no letter
  • not even Facebook communication of any kind.

Unfortunately not many fellows live by that.

The good thing is:

We don’t need everyone!

  • We don’t need everyone to be our Facebook friend.
  • We don’t need everyone to be in contact with us.
  • We even don’t need every customer …

We can choose!

We can choose everyone surrounding us, people we are in contact with and that’s what we should do (OK, tax agencies excluded 😉  ).

Their Vibration and Your Vibration

It’s not the first time that you hear or read that you should choose carefully who you deal with. It can bring your forward immensely, but it can also ruin all your efforts to get forward with your goals, projects and any undertakings.

Choose the people, who are right for you and be strict with that. Otherwise your energy level gets mixed up with things and thoughts which are not yours, but which can highly impact you – even on a level you might not be aware of.

Also be aware that those people in your direct and very close environments can have impact on a critical level. All of your energy channels are open to them, because you trust and you are so close. We don’t have the option to choose relatives, but we can choose the intensity and frequency of interaction. Of course, not everyone will see or feel the need to limit family affairs, but to some fellows this can be a step into the direction of growth and development into the desired direction.

Dream Life Summary

  • Treat other’s as you want to be treated (even if you are an internet marketer or feel to be a guru)!
  • Choose your environment and people in there.
  • Manage your environment actively, do not hesitate to exclude people who harm you, bring your energy down or who just want to use you.
  • You don’t need to be liked by everyone and don’t need to make business with everyone.
  • Be aware of energy transactions going on when you deal with people: the energy you give, energy you receive or whether something is being taken away (or even stolen) from you

Yes, I know, you have heard and read this 1000 times, but do you really do it?

  • Do it! You owe it to yourself!


Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms. You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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