Why I don’t look super rich – all the time ;-)

Dream Life Shoes

Bad weather shoes …

It’s muddy weather in Germany currently – autumn has done it’s job and shaken down all leafes and winter hasn’t come yet – although it’s Christmas within less than 10 days. So today I went out with alpin shoes to keep my feet dry and and a jacket with the same super skill to keep me warm and dry. Before I left I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Just find it funny when people extremly underestimate who they are dealing with, which also reminded me seeing a German rock star who looked quite rotten – while I was sitting in the Atlantic hotel just some days ago.

Years ago one of my ex-boyfriends said: „Hey, there is no designer furniture in your apartment and you are driving a small car. You CAN’T be that successful.“ As you notice – there is a reason why he is not my boyfriend any more …


Over the years I’ve tried different models how to live:

  • living in a small apartment with a small car – and a separate office,
  • living in a huge house with a big car and office in the house and currently
  • living in a small apartment with a fancy car and a lot of traveling.

Everyone has to find his or her optimal way of living and doing and even this changes over time.
When I moved out of the house after while I felt so released from all the work and responsibilities which such a house brings with it and I actually don’t like to have people in my house to clean and do the garden. I feel this as kind of hurting my privacy – at least with some of the staff, it’s difficult and takes time to find the right people, but when I was busy and living there – there was no other way.
So when you plan your ideal life and day – it’s worth to think about that.

Dating and Loving

When I go to dates first few times I usually use public transport, a taxi or I park my car in a way that  the guys don’t see it. Why that?

What I noticed is that some men become actually afraid of my car OR unconscious patterns arise like: A woman who own such a car (and bought it herself without help of a man) is no woman for me (the man). Men want to care for women, they want to be there for them. If a woman is obviously very independent – especially if this is the case financially too – that woman just does not fit into men’s cro-magnon patterns. So it is.

... and princess dress - the free of choice - that's what dream life is about ...

… and princess dress – the freedom of choice – that’s what dream life is about … for me … Yes, this is me too – haha :D


Do I lie, do I cheat? – I play!

I do play with life, try out different things and when I notice one way works better than another I use the way that works better.

Did you ever think of taking life more experimental?

  • What might come out of that?
  • What might come out for you that could enrich your life?

Current Things

These days I am in process of re-designing my dream life blog and was also thinking about changing my pictures. When I chose them I thought this would fit best my world traveller personality, but people who meet me in real life in Europe or the US – or let’s say so „the western world“ see someone quite different. So actually I am many :-) … and may be my pictures should reflect that…

What about YOU?

Dream Life Assignment

  • How could you approach life more experimental to enrich your life or even come closer to your dream life?

Dare to live your dream life! You are worth it!

Kathrin Held

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