Is a Dream Life just wonderful (only)?

„You absolutely have to have dark in order to have light.“

Bob Ross, Painter

painted on black canvas by Bob Ross

painted on black canvas by Bob Ross

He is right – and so it is with the dark and bright moments in our lifes. If we would be over happy all the time all our life we couldn’t value the the good and even better moments gifted to us.

Dissatisfaction is a brilliant motivator to change, to get something else, to move forward.

Although my website name and the phrase dream life tends to animate people to fantasize and attracts people who are in certain vibes, I want to make some things clear: We don’t go for fantasies here! There _is_ an option to create the life you want, most fellows who ever do that that even start doing after they are coming out of a dark phase in their life.

Every human life has some dark and cloudy days

It can not all be only good and wonderful. By the way – this is one point which I do not appreciate in the American personal development industry. There it’s ALL GOOD, AAAAALL THE TIME.

Life has it’s own wisdom

… takes it’s own turns and it moves us into the right direction – always!

You can create and live dream life, but be prepared that things will pop up again and again. There will be cloudy days, there will be dark days and it’s just part of our internal wiring and programming that parts of it create by our own. Welcome those days and moments as a challenge or even a game in which you want to reach the next level being aware there will be hurdles as well in the next level.

Dream Life Summary

  • Accept dark and cloudy days to be able to be even more grateful for your perfect ones, things which turn out well, people in your life who love and support you, who contribute to the good parts of your daily life, to how you feel and moving forward.
  • Welcome dissatisfaction, it’s a chance to become more than you are know and to get more dream life days.
  • Trust life! Accept challenges and find out what’s in there for you. Do what you have to do to enter the next level of the game.

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms! You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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