Living a Dream Life? What are you really talking about?

What makes a dream life?

DreamLifeWhatIsItlWhat do you have in mind thinking about this question – sandy beach pictures, sitting on a Harley, a number on your bank account?

Answering this question 1st switch off the heard instinct, as well as TV and other media around. Everyone has to answer this question for ones self. It’s too easy to fall into pre-made patterns which are being pushed into our minds by daily media, other people’s opinions and your own programming.
For some people having a dream life will be about traveling the world, for other’s just to be left in peace, have their family, their garden, whatsoever, others want to leave a foot print on this planet forever. Fact is that not many people ever define for themselves what their dream life is or could be.

Intentional life design – not many really do it

Have you ever defined living on your own terms having a real dream life what ever that means to you? This is what separates the free spirits who really make it from couch potatoes and blind followers of the masses who walk every day to their nine to five job.

Very few people do their own life design, even fewer make it happen.
Doing your own life design is your 1st step to a self chosen dream life. You have to define what you want.
If you ever want to life a life on your own terms – design your dream life, a life as you want it: your rules, your definitions, your pictures in mind!
If you have done it already – check at least once a year or even every 6 months.

Whatever comes out of your mind – most people do not associate a dream life with a corporate or other job. Most people want to have more time for their family and things they want to do and of course most people want to have more money.

So what to do to have a chance to ever live a dream life?

Dream Life Summary

Get active! Think! Evaluate! Do your own dream life design.

  • Define what dream life means to you!
    Where do you live?
    What do you do all day?
    Who do you spend time with?
  • What is valuable to you?
  • Anything you want to make happen – for yourself or even for other’s?

Be serious with this! I mean – don’t just write down a holiday fantasy living on a beach doing nothing. Otherwise there will be no change. Let’s see what the old Wallace Wattles said:

„You must want real life, not mere pleasure or sensual gratification. Life is the performance of function, and the individual really lives only when he performs without excess of every function – physical, mental, and spiritual – of which he is capable.“

Wallace Wattles in Science Of Getting Rich

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms! You deserve it!


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