Ever thought of what YOUR Dream Life is actually about?


How does YOUR ideal day start?


Many people know what they don’t want in life, not so many have clearly defined what they want

  • how their ideal day and
  • how their ideal year

… would look like.

Not done so yet? Why not do it now? 

The Secret

Whatever you think about The Secret, Law Of Attraction and all this … Meanwhile it seems to be proven that people who never defined what they want – get what they have decided on: NOTHING or just random stuff.

I am not a friend of repeating lies to push it into the subconscious mind (although some people claim that this works), but having a clear idea of what you really want in and with (the rest) of your life clearly will help to make this reality.

Sure, you’ve read this kind of stuff so many times, but WHY DON’T YOU DO IT? WHY?
May be something within you want’s you stay where you are. You might not really want to change.

Dream Life Creation – Fun & Doubts

You’ll see that you’ll get into a different mood building your vision of a future you want. I can understand that most fellows will have difficulties to question their current job and circumstances, but if your current life is not what you want – really think:
Is this life and everything in it that, what you want to have till the end of your life?
How will your life evolve when all stays as it is right know and what will develop out of it?

Why do I pick this topic  – here and now?
Again and again I meet people who just grumble and complain about their life, their spouse and all what’s happening to them – without being aware that this is actually their choice – more or less. They put themselves into a victim position and everything is happening to them.

„I lost my job“, he said. After having talked to him a longer time it was obvious why he lost his job – the way he talks, handles his and other problems and so on. Always „the others“ are the „guilty ones“. Someone called him „The black hole“ consuming other peoples energy while complaining about circumstances.

Or …

„I can’t do that, I never did something on my own.“, she is 50+ … Isn’t it time then to get something going if you want to have something else than you have now if you are bored to death at your job and have phantasies and creativity within you – god given? Of course, if she never did something on her own she might need some help, but she can get that by coaching, success teams or a business mastermind group – whatever she chooses. There are so many options to get help and support and you’ll not „lose your face“ by demanding help.

If you know this blog for a while you know my free Dream Life Bootcamp, that will help you to become more clear about what you want in life and how to get it…

It’s YOUR turn now! Do it or stop grumbling.

Dream Life Summary

  1. Decide what you want from life – in all it’s parts: very private, partnership, profession/business …
    1.a Write out your ideal day.
    1.b Write out your ideal year.
  2. Dedice whether you need help and what kind of help you want to use 1st (and why).
    Coaching – Success Team – Business Mastermind Group ?
  3. Decide what you want to approach first. (You can already use a coach at this point of time or other kinds of help to do this. Sometimes it’s really not an easy decision due to overwhelm or fear to do something wrong.
  4. Make a rough plan, define steps.
    You can do this together with your coach, but there is also help at day 5 of my Dream Life Bootcamp.
  5. Get going on your plan. Use any kind of accountability if possible.
  6. Celebrate each success (even the small ones).

If you need help, I am here to help you with coaching, support groups and business mastermind groups.

Dare to live your dream life! You are worth it!

Kathrin Held

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