Finding YOUR Dream Life Rhythm

working on YOUR termsBest articles I write in the morning. Articles written in the easiest way – just like falling down out of blue morning sky – “happen to me” in the morning, still sitting in my bed having 1st or second pot of tea.

This is what I know now. In the past I tried to sit down after breakfast or to at any other defined working times and had really difficulties to squeeze some words out of my fingers.

Everything has it’s rhythm

… not only your day, also the way you do things in detail. For some and sometimes even the arhythmic way of doing things is even better.
There are no fix rules in a dream life on how to do things. The only thing you have to keep in mind is:
If you don’t govern yourself, someone else will do so sooner or later.

The Work While You Sleep Myth

Some internet marketing gurus fostered an I-do-business-in-my-underwear life style, which is nothing bad and not even not true for some fellows, but it was more drawn to the image of coming down into the kitchen directly out of their bed in the late morning as stinky as you are and just have a look on the laptop which is open next to the kitchen sink just to show you how much money the guru made at night while he slept while he is making his first coffee. And of course – it’s all sooooo easy.

Dream Life Truth

… is: You have to work for your freedom. Nothing will happen by it’s own while you sleep – if you haven’t set it up before properly.
It _is_ possible to earn while you sleep. A number of internet life style activists do that, BUT you have to set it up. This takes work and for a defined period you’ll have to work your little as off, but let me tell you: It’s worth it.

The Good Thing

… is: you can do it on your own terms as you can set up your whole life on your own terms.
Sometimes I just do have slow mornings. Not every day is the same and living in Germany most of my time has some – let’s call it _cleats_, which is mostly not motivating.

It takes energy to get up again and again and just force my own agenda over the one of other instances, but I do it and I get back to productivity again and again. I do it the way that

  • I allow my rhythm to come through,
  • using my peak times as I notice then and
  • using inspirations as they come.

You’ll have your own way of doing it. There are no fix rules as long as you are productive (I mean: really productive creativing valuable output. Just 9 hours works doesn’t mean anything.)

Dream Life Hints

  • Track what you have achieved on a daily basis.
  • Best thing is: Find an accountability partner.
  • You can do both joining a mastermind group
Currently I am preparing a free Facebook Mastermind Group. Add me on Facebook and PM me if you want to be a part of it.

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms! You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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