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Getting Started

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Here’s is how you get it …


Step #1
Purchase Hosting Below

bhhosting… the smallest package for $3,95 per month will do for your blog**

Whenever you want to have your own blog / website you’ll need to buy hosting.
You actually buy/rent your space in the net – to host your web site  as you rent a flat or house to live in.
Bluehost is a high quality webhosting provider with very affordable prices,  very good value for price
and a full money back guarantee. They pay me if I send them new customers.
This is how I can afford to install your blog at no additional costs for you.**


Step #2
Choose Your Blog Design / Theme

A “Theme” is a design. It’s like a dress you put your blog on.
All themes below are fully responsive on it’s own, meaning they adjust to any mobile format.

You can change it at any time later without changing the actual blog content.
In the training I’ll show you how to do change the design (WordPress theme)
So don’t think too much about it. Get started and polish later :-)

Theme #1 Theme #2
WPTheme-RestImpo-320 WPTheme-Highwind-320
Theme #4 Theme #5
 WPTheme-IndependentPublisher-320  WPTheme-Hemingway-320
Theme #6 Theme #7
WPTheme-Fictive-320 WPTheme-Dice-320
Theme #8 Theme #9
 WPTheme-Baskerville-320  WPTheme-Drop-320
Theme #10
WPTheme-Wilson-320    { more will be added soon }


Step #3
Submit Your Name and Details


Once you’ve purchased hosting enter your name, email and theme number in the form and follow the instructions so we can collect your information to get started on your new blog.

Fields with a * are mandatory.

Any questions? Email


** Prerequisite for this blog installation service is that you purchase a bluehost hosting package using the BlueHost link above (by clicking on the blue BlueHost box). BlueHost will give us an affiliate commission, which pays for your blog installation.