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When I wrote my first published book one of my best friends was a 84 year old reverent (I was about 35). I was never into church’ stuff, but from our history we had a connection via my grandma.

He was the first who encouraged me to write the book. We talked long hours. The book is about what’s really important in life. I interviewed people about this topic asking them a small set of questions – the same to everyone.

He teached me a little German poem, a poem about gratitude, which says (in German)  after a long range of
„Thank you for …
thank you for …
thank you for …

” and thank you dear god that I am able to be grateful.“

Being „able to be grateful“ – interesting thought, isn’t it? – to me it was.

Sometimes I found it just unfriendly or just unfitting that some people never say thank you or express their gratitude in any way, but I never had the idea that they just might not be able to do so.

An the main thing is not about thanking someone else, it’s thanking creation, the big wise universe, the source, god – however you want to call it or call him – from the bottom of your heart.

The vibration of gratitude

If you are deeply grateful for something you vibrate a certain frequency. You can feel it. Try it just now:

Connect with yourself, with the deepest you – as far as you can,
and thank someone specific – from the bottom of your heart.
If you have no one on mind to thank, thank creation or god if you want to call it so – for anything you appreciate in your life

You can be grateful for

  • „just being healthy“ – this is not given to everyone or for
  • „having a great spouse/children/someone in your life“
  • „for any circumstance you find being of benefit for your life or for yourself as a being.“

Do it and feel! Be very aware!

… and there is silence in you. When you are deeply grateful, there is nothing else, not even fear.
 There is no chance for fear if you are grateful. This makes gratitude a tool agains fear and any forms of it like: doubts, unproductive and negative thoughts, frustration.

Gratitude can be your weapon against any form of fear.

The Connection

Gratitude connects you directly with The Source of creation. You will feel it if you honestly try or do it.

Dream Life Summary

  • Where there is gratitude there is no fear.
  • You create your life through vibrations, gratitude is a very useful one to do this.
  • Practice gratitude every day and you will get closer to making your dream life reality.

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms! You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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