How much happiness can you stand?

Happy WomanAbout 20 years ago – in gym – I am sitting on one of the machines, a friend of these days came by. She was one of those who I’ve seldom seen smiling. She more or less always had a worry face.

„Hey, how are you?“, she asked (in Germany this means that one really want’s to know what’s on, it’s not the American how-are-you-and-I-don’t-really-don’t-want-to-know-it-question) and I – totally easy in mind mind – just answered in my happy vibe how good all is going currently, which was the absolute truth. She looked at me, put on kind of angry face and said „I can’t stand your happiness.“ She turned away, this was our very last conversation for the last 20 years, I’ve never seen her again.

Different vibrations, different worlds

To some of my readers it will be obvious what happened. It is the same thing why you never have the idea to go into certain areas, never have the idea to talk to certain people and at a certain point stop watching horror movies. It’s just not the vibration you are in.
There is nothing good or bad about it.

Good and bad are just artificial kind of assessing a situation. It just _is_. Not more not less.
It’s like there is just this tiny part of visible light on the overall frequency band. We just see a part of frequencies and with that just a defined part of the world and this division goes on on different levels. Your world can be a totally different one than others – even in a way that life doesn’t even touch at any point. In other’s ways just divide into different ones like my friend ones and mine.

People go different ways, we never know what’s another individual’s current job in this world is. They might just have started another path in their life or get to a peak of the existing one, a point where everything adds up.

Are you a good receiver?

Ready to ReceiveJust imagine: In this very moment life would fulfill all your wishes, whatever those are. It would do a full job on this: you would have more that enough money, perfect people around you, perfect relationships, all toys and shiny things you want: car, boat, jewelry, finest dresses … or nothing of these, just make your own choice.

Just imagine: everything you want is instantly there – now. Could you really deal with it? Could you really stand so much happiness, luck, whatever you want to call it?

Once I said in one of my tele classes: „I do have a money goal set, but currently I honestly would not know how to deal with 65 Million Euros.“ – Truth. What’s your truth?

One of my mentors says: „We need to be/become huge containers.“ and he holds is opened arms up to the sky. Are you a good container, are you actually ready to receive?

Dream Life Summary

  • Your world is not other people’s world.
  • Things and situations are neither good or bad, they just _are_.
  • Become an exceptional receiver, a huge container!

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms! You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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