How To Create Opt-In Pages That Trigger The Fellows YOU Want?

Get into the Shoes of an Online Opportunity Seeker

Online Opportunity Seeker - Is he on the right opt-in page?Just thought of creating another opt-in page for one of my promotion and wanted to get the right „vibe“ to do that.
At that moment I was thinking about opt-in pages for solo ads for a certain opportunity.

Solo Ad seller’s audiences are so called opportunity seekers. So – what should we present them?
We really need to get into their shoes to create an opt-in page that fits, and not only that. We need to think of our ideal customer. Not every opportunity seeker is our ideal customer. Continue reading

Decide! It’s YOUR Life!

DecisionLooking back all achievements and results in my life are more or less an outcome of a decision I made in the past.

Is it the same with you?
Think! Even things we don’t decide on – we decide on.
The decision not to decide is actually a decision, but let’s start easy… Continue reading

Why I don’t look super rich – all the time ;-)

Dream Life Shoes

Bad weather shoes …

It’s muddy weather in Germany currently – autumn has done it’s job and shaken down all leafes and winter hasn’t come yet – although it’s Christmas within less than 10 days. So today I went out with alpin shoes to keep my feet dry and and a jacket with the same super skill to keep me warm and dry. Before I left I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Just find it funny when people extremly underestimate who they are dealing with, which also reminded me seeing a German rock star who looked quite rotten – while I was sitting in the Atlantic hotel just some days ago.

Years ago one of my ex-boyfriends said: „Hey, there is no designer furniture in your apartment and you are driving a small car. You CAN’T be that successful.“ As you notice – there is a reason why he is not my boyfriend any more … Continue reading