Not here yet, but in a hurry to get somewhere?

It’s definitely a learned thing that we want to reach a goal fast, a next level, just want to jump to catch the fish and the same time it’s the reason why so many people do not reach their goals.

There are many books written about reaching goals, most of those miss a critical point: Finding out and accepting where you are now, where you actually are. Continue reading

A Bastion Of Calm (Needed these days)

They are trying to make us nuts!

nutsDaily mass manipulation by all kinds of media are a fact which not even the blind do overlook!
Many fellows feel uncertain, are not able to do their daily things any more as they were able in the past, relationships brake for no or funny reasons. Everyday people in large cities lost their smiles. Disorientation is being programmed into the matrix we are living in.

Most people don’t even see it – following common mass hypnosis patterns.
Am I painting a too weird picture telling you this? No – and you know it.

Rescue Yourself!

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Choose Your Fellows

Authenticity (Please!)

AuthenticitySome days ago a so called Facebook friend came with a problem on his wall. It seemed quite serious to him and he wanted to know other people’s opinions on that. So I took the time and responded in detail – offering some other points of view and suggesting him to be the best he just can be (giving him or his issue my time and energy doing this). Later on he was just bringing it down to that he wanted to teach something to „his followers“ (I had never seen me like this) and went on in a quite in-mature way, but overall it was something like an un-welcome boomerang hitting himself (he called it shit storm, but people were just trying to help him and he didn’t even notice).   Continue reading