More Bravery or Less Self Sabotage and More Self Control?

Fuzzy Brain No Self ControlSome days ago I was asked in one of my mastermind groups how to become more brave. To some of you this might be an easy answer. In my view seeing people in current society observing how the majority acts – I see many people’s minds like a fuzzy bunch of wool with certain patterns woven in and it wouldn’t actually make sense if this fuzzy bunch of wool would become more brave. It needs some more ingredients and a certain basis.

#1 Basic Self Control

Today’s society – if you are an let’s call it „adapted“ part of it – did a job on you in daily mass media hypnosis, frequency pollution which affects body and brain, burdened food, health care, which makes ill – just to name a few.
This alls means that we have to take more efforts to keep our body and mind together and we have to do that actively.

Still Times

A few minutes ago I received an email telling about an analysis done on 200 most successful CEOS. The intention was to find out what they do have in common that makes them so successful. There were lots of questions and lots of different answers. However, ONE thing — actually the ONLY thing – that all 200 CEO’s had in common is they ALL said to the effect that: they


They had all discovered (in their own way) that great progress overflows from a state of stillness. When their mind is still. A still – quiet – mind is a successful mind.

A still – quiet – mind is a mind free of all subconscious self-sabotaging beliefs.
When your mind is busy — it’s full of thoughts and doubts about what you are able to do, what you should do (wherever this „should“ comes from) and what not.

Have Routines and Rituals

Especially if you life seems somehow not to be under your control any more, you don’t do things which you should do and you even watch yourself doing that – meaning doing nothing and wondering about it – simple routines can help.
As simple routine like daily accountability. Most efficient is this when you do have accountability partners or you do it in a group, but you can even use your calendar and do an entry at the end of the day telling what you achieved on that particular day. This will show yourself that you are getting forward and over time, which can even be just a few days, it can raise your self esteem and self confidence.
Ancient culture’s rituals gave their years, months and days structure. Most westerners are totally lacking those. By the way – religion was and is at times so appealing because they give their devotees back this structure and rituals. Why not create your own ones!?

Choose The Right Input

Tv Addict

This is not how dream lifes are being build

You know that TV is not good as well being in front of your computer or even your smartphone all the time chatting and playing Facebook games. Despite of that – many people do it day by day.
In addition a horror movie from time to time or just an „entertaining” thriller showing you dead bodies and how they get killed – I don’t need to go on. You know what I am talking about and you know that this is not input which serves you.
The thing is: you choose. So – Choose the right stuff!


This article will be continued in Part II

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