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Koh Phangan Thailand, 2012

1st things 1st

More important than my Bio is: My Why!
Why am I doing this here?

I am deeply convinced that an awake human should create a life on his/her own terms and live it to the fullest. This has nothing to do with being selfish, it’s more an expression of being in service to humanity and creation in a best possible way and to live your true potential, because if you do that you can be of best service for other’s.



To techie six figures, but trapped in a hamster wheel

After having had enslaved myself to the corporate world I started on a quite techie level. Very soon it was obvious that I was less nerdy than the other specialists and so it was quite easy to climb up – that’s what I felt that time, not being aware what I was sacrificing – 1st employed, but most of the time as an independent freelance consultant later on.

In the last years of this existence I was just stressed and nearly didn’t have a private life. Due to my dissatisfaction I had started to study and apply internet marketing with the very big on the market at that time, have fallen into other peoples pitch traps, made a lot of mistakes.


Bob Proctor and myself in in house in Toronto

Beyond The Secret

When „The Secret“ came out in Europe I started to follow its mentors. I always want to know things from the very source, that’s why I joined a number John Assaraf’s and Bob Proctor’s programs after I had studied Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and others years before.

Some of them I met in person, got another push into the right direction doing this and started to connect personal development with my internet marketing activities.

Full Stop, Reset, Restart

At a certain point it was all getting weird: starting in the morning going to my corporate customers, coming back in the evening holding personal development webinars (!for free!) or working with my virtual assistants in India in regard to internet marketing …
At a certain point universe gave me what I needed – an „official burnout“ (I write it this way because this was my official diagnosis, although it was something else as I got to know years later) – translated in to a break, which was necessary and the best thing which could happen to me looking back.
I was really ill for months, laying down most of the time, somehow could not recover, 1 month in hospital did not help, overall I was out of business for more than three years.
Laying down for months things change. 1st of all – the influence of the system we live in fades, which is excellent. If something knocks one down in the middle of life – you really think how you want to really live, how time was wasted and why, and how and what you want your life to be.

Nothing less than a dream life !

Finally I am not willing any more to go for less than a dream life. Internet marketing with blogging is a basis for everything I am doing – whether my courses, seminars, business mastermind groups, coaching … it’s a hugely useful vehicle to make that happen and to maintain the life style I want.
I made a lot of mistakes and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made.

I am willing to help you with coaching, workgroups, mastermind groups and just put out here what I think can be useful for you on YOUR journey.

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