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Nassau Bahamas September 2014

My name is Kathrin Held. I live outside „the system“ for more than four years now and
I want you to be free too.

Creation want’s a fulfilled life for all of us. That’s why we came here.

The system of government companies and western world tax slavery made something else out of this – trying to keep all of us in control and in a state where you are not able to use your god given unique gifts and abilities to contribute to this world in a way only you can do and to do your actual job to make this world a better place.

Your „job“ should make you sing!
You are supposed to be happy!

To lay out the basis for a dream life go through my free 5 days Dream Life Starter Bootcamp. It will show you the exact steps following what I do and what serves me every single day to create the life I want.

I left the sytem by intention although I was earning good six figures there and could do so at any time I choose, but I choose to be free. What do you choose?

My business model explained

My business is around personal development, coaching, and internet marketing.
The internet marketing stream fuels the other ones. It took me years and tens of thousands of money spent in personal development training and coaching as well as internet marketing guru courses to get where I am now.

One of my focal points is to create passive income in a way that it is for actual use for myself and my fellows who deserve a dream life and just are at the point where they are ready for it.

(video coming sooooon)


What you need to know

1. Creating a dream life requires work …

… and I mean work from you in person. Within the personal development scene there is the myth of passive income. I can tell you: passive income exists and is possible to create, BUT you have to work for it in advance.

On the other hand it is a great way to care about things you love, make a business out of it, work once on it and create recurring income.
In case you don’t have an own product or your own service – the make money online niche is an evergreen. The right strategies and techniques applied the right way feeds a number of people on a regular basis, you can learn it too and I will be happy to help.

2. No one can make you rich overnight

If you expect a quick fix I can’t help you and I can tell you that everyone who promises that can not be taken serious – whether as business owner nor as business partner. Take care!

3. No one else than yourself will rescue you!

You have to do it yourself. It’s part of your journey.
Do it honey, start right now! It’s worth it!

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