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The Perfect Way To Stay Broke

Burning MoneyIn one of my mastermind groups a young woman wrote that she would change into another field, because she’s not successful in the current one – although she loves it. Overall she had spend less than three months trying to get some projects off the ground.

An internet marketer fellow told me about a brand new product he bought and it will all become better with that one. With this one he will make it (he said). Background story to this is: he does this for years.

Buyer’s Traps And Empty Bank Accounts

The fields of internet marketing and personal development are classical ones and most efficient in offering people product after product and – people buy – buy – buy. They buy product after product without having implemented the one before. They buy everything from a certain guru and from several gurus.

Most people never implement. Of course it is fun and motivating to learn and the gurus have their way of making it all entertaining, but usually people buy things to change something, to become better in something, but they don’t. Have you implemented the last three products you bought?

This way bank accounts are getting emptied systematically and you even can’t blame the gurus and marketers you’ve bought from. YOU clicked on the „Buy“ button. YOU didn’t implement.

The Creativity Trap:
Unfinished Projects and Being Broke

Are you creative, have many ideas and want to implement them all? You can, but you have to be careful when you do this in business. There is the extreme danger that you lose months and years of time and tons of money in unfinished projects. You try something new again and again and your bank account shrinks down and goes into minus.

Yes, it _is_ said that we have to fail a number of times to be successful and this is true, but it is not said that we have to jump from topic to topic, from project to project – not finishing anything and you’ll get rich doing that.

Think! Think before you start something new in your business, question it. Can you stick with it for three years and longer? If not (yet) – How could you change your current approach to make you stick and to make this one profitable. Develop a systematic approach and game plan (even if we all know that business plans don’t work – and they don’t need to*)

Don’t Get Me Wrong …

… I definitely don’t want to prevent you from being creative, trying new things and exploring life. It all has it’s place. You have to be aware in which context you do things. Are you in business or do you just explore life, experiment and have fun?

Business is business and here things need to be handled a bit differently and it comes to spending your money have a second look on what you spend it.

Dream Life Summary

  • If you start something new- define YOUR success criteria
  • Stick with one field /topic/project for a while (one project can be a combination of several fields, but you have to define it then) and have a game plan
  • Master what you are currently doing – the content part of it as well as the marketing/sales part of if you are self-employed in any way.
  • Test systematically, collect data >> evaluate >> improve
  • If you are a permanent buyer: Question each potential new purchase before you push the „Add to Card“ button. What can this product do for you, that you can not do without? Do you have a similar resource already? Have you implemented the knowledge of the the product you bought before?

Dare to live your dream life,
a life by YOUR own design on your own terms. You deserve it!

Kathrin Held

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